• Let us see if you have encountered the following situations:

    1. Some are easy to detect, such as: on workdays, it seems to be a watch that is wound up, but it is too weak to move at the weekend;

    2. I often feel sore all over the body, especially the shoulders, 工作壓力neck, waist, hips, back and other parts;

    3. Diarrhea and other gastrointestinal discomforts occur easily, or frequent colds;

    4. There is a significant decrease in sexual desire, no matter whether it is facing a partner or other stimulation that may cause pleasure, there is no disturbance in the heart (body).

    5. Inexplicably become particularly fond of sweets and various high-calorie foods;

    6. Habitual procrastination, whether it is work or life matters, 演講软技巧will always be dealt with before the "dead line" comes;

    7. It is always aggressive and sensitive when dealing with others, and it is easy to take the ordinary words of others as a condemnation to oneself.

    8. I find it very contradictory. On the one hand, I want to be alone and impatient with others. On the other hand, I want someone to accompany, someone to listen, someone to understand, and someone to support

    9. The mood fluctuates a lot, and often get angry inexplicably;

    10.-"Negative energy" is overwhelming, the whole person is very negative, and I can't help thinking about everything in a negative manner.

    If you feel that you have experienced a lot of these situations recently,銷售保險技巧 even for a long period of time, you need to be vigilant, which shows that your stressful situation is worth worrying about.

    But not all stress will have a serious negative impact on people, and not everyone will be affected by similar stress situations. Why are some people more susceptible to the negative effects of stress?

    In fact, this is mainly related to the way people deal with stress. In other words, between stress and its impact on a person, there is a very important intermediate variable, the person's strategy for coping with stress.

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    Work stress and anxiety, these methods must be learned!

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  • What is the use of fetal ECG during pregnancy?

    Why do you need a fetal electrocardiogram during pregnancy? As we all know, b-ultrasound is an indispensable imaging examination during pregnancy. So, do you know that fetal ECG is still needed during pregnancy? The function of fetal ECG examination is also very important. Introduce it to expectant mothers.

    The role of fetal electrocardiogram

    Some clinical conditions such as the neonatal period, holter ecgthe childhood period of 5 to 10 years, and the middle age of 40 to 50 years of age, some of the clinical conditions such as premature beats in these three stages may be related to the fetal period, which means that there may be symptoms such as premature beats in the fetus. It's just a pity that many mothers didn't have fetal electrocardiograms at that time.

    If the expectant mother finds that the fetus has premature beats and arrhythmia during pregnancy, it is mainly related to the expectant mother’s cold, fever, umbilical cord around the neck, and congenital heart disease. Treating the mother in time and adjusting the fetal environment can solve the problems of premature beats and arrhythmia. Even if it doesn't work, you can still use radiofrequency ablation to treat premature delivery after the baby is born.

    The time for expectant mothers to do fetal ECG is not clearly specified, and expectant mothers can decide whether to do it according to their own conditions and the doctor’s advice. In general, doctors recommend that mothers-to-be take an electrocardiogram before the first diagnosis, 32-34 weeks of pregnancy, and during childbirth to confirm the heart condition.

    So, what do you need to pay attention to in fetal electrocardiogram?

    precautions for fetal electrocardiogram

    1. Do not fast on an empty stomach to avoid hypoglycemia or rapid heartbeat, which will affect the results of the electrocardiogram.

    Don’t do an electrocardiogram in a hurry. It’s best to rest for a while before the examination, and then do further examinations after you have settled down.

    3. Don't be nervous, don't move or talk during the examination, otherwise it will cause interference and affect the clarity of the electrocardiogram.

    4. When doing ECG, it is best to wear clothes that are easy to put on and take off (especially in winter).

    If you have electronic products such as watches and mobile phones on your body, it is best to take them off and put them aside to avoid interference with the electrocardiograph.

    For expectant mothers to do fetal ECG, it is best to have family members to accompany you.

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    What is a fetal electrocardiogram?

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  • 珍珠粉能不能吃?珍珠粉可以怎么吃










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  • 自駕遊為什么需要買保險?至於我們為什么要買公路旅行保險的問題,我們可以把它和團體旅行比較一下,這樣我們就能理解為什么要買保險了。跟團遊相信我們大家都不陌生,這種文化旅遊發展方式是指旅行社組織一群人按照設計規劃好了的方案、路線進行旅遊。 對於旅行社來說,他們必須承擔一定的風險和責任,但他們可以通過保險將風險轉移給保險公司,這就是旅遊責任保險。因此,跟團的個體可以得到一些保護,但對事故唯一的旅遊責任險付款責任應由旅行社承擔。反觀自駕遊,這種文化旅遊發展方式需要學生個體自行規劃線路,在旅遊管理過程中發生意外沒有買保險的話就要自己承擔社會責任。



    人身意外保險。被保險人因意外事故死亡或終身殘疾領取一定數額的保險金; 醫療費用由保險公司承擔。被保險人的醫療費,由於發生事故,保險公司將按照在旅遊過程中有一定比例報銷;個人財產的保護。 這是指在旅遊過程中因意外損壞或盜竊造成的保險財產損失;個人法律責任保護。在旅途中被保險人因疏忽導致我國第三人傷亡或者企業財物損失以及保險有限公司腐負責賠付;緊急救援工作保障。這是一個獨特的旅遊意外險,是指被保險人輸給了保險公司的道路上派出了救援隊搜救。和被保險人的人身傷害或死亡的醫療需要撤離或遣返遺體。





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  • “女性激素”對於女性的健康相當重要。“女性激素”下降不僅會導致月經不調、骨質疏松,甚至引起不孕不育,增加心血管疾病的發病率,只有當它處於正常的分泌狀態時,身體才容易受孕,生出健康的寶寶。下面列出的是對孕婦,懷孕是最好的天然荷爾蒙補充食品。












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