• Ten manifestations of excessive stress, how many have you scored?

    Let us see if you have encountered the following situations:

    1. Some are easy to detect, such as: on workdays, it seems to be a watch that is wound up, but it is too weak to move at the weekend;

    2. I often feel sore all over the body, especially the shoulders, 工作壓力neck, waist, hips, back and other parts;

    3. Diarrhea and other gastrointestinal discomforts occur easily, or frequent colds;

    4. There is a significant decrease in sexual desire, no matter whether it is facing a partner or other stimulation that may cause pleasure, there is no disturbance in the heart (body).

    5. Inexplicably become particularly fond of sweets and various high-calorie foods;

    6. Habitual procrastination, whether it is work or life matters, 演講软技巧will always be dealt with before the "dead line" comes;

    7. It is always aggressive and sensitive when dealing with others, and it is easy to take the ordinary words of others as a condemnation to oneself.

    8. I find it very contradictory. On the one hand, I want to be alone and impatient with others. On the other hand, I want someone to accompany, someone to listen, someone to understand, and someone to support

    9. The mood fluctuates a lot, and often get angry inexplicably;

    10.-"Negative energy" is overwhelming, the whole person is very negative, and I can't help thinking about everything in a negative manner.

    If you feel that you have experienced a lot of these situations recently,銷售保險技巧 even for a long period of time, you need to be vigilant, which shows that your stressful situation is worth worrying about.

    But not all stress will have a serious negative impact on people, and not everyone will be affected by similar stress situations. Why are some people more susceptible to the negative effects of stress?

    In fact, this is mainly related to the way people deal with stress. In other words, between stress and its impact on a person, there is a very important intermediate variable, the person's strategy for coping with stress.

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